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Safty & Compliance

Safety is a key concern for those at National Transport Inc. Our compliance program has maintained certificate of recognition standing with the workers. In order to maintain its image we undergoes yearly safety audits ensuring that all employees are holding to the highest standard of safety. In addition to yearly audits, monthly safety meetings are the norm at National Transport. We have taken it upon the team to ensure that training provided to the staff at National Transport Transport is second to none.

National Transport believes Safety is a way of life. We communicate effectively with both our clients and employees to ensure Safety remains a daily habit, encouraging continuous safe lifestyle practices.

Management promotes safety as a state of mind and way of life, rather than a checklist of things needing to be done. Our team of supervisors and workers achieve this through behavioural training, mentoring, setting examples and helping each other. Working together we create a positive energy of efficiency and effectiveness." .

  • Driver's Training
  • Vehicle Inspection Training
  • Communication Training